Resource for Teams - SoCal Blender (For 3D Modeling & Animation) is committed to supporting the people of the region and providing opportunities that might not otherwise be available, by way of open creative media production. FREE and open source 3D creations suite Blender lends the entirety of the 3D visual communication pipeline from modeling, rigging, simulation, rendering, texturing, compositing, motion tracking, film making, video editing, work flows, animation, CG, VFX, game creation, and studio production. SoCal Blender covers Southern California "Open Source User Resources" from Hollywood, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. SolCalBlender is working with FIRST Robotics teams from Ohio 6355 and 1248, to bring resources into the hands of all teams registered for the Ohio FIRST Buckeye Regional and beyond. Combining high end multimedia production tools with the robotics world, crosses boundaries that bring about high quality 3D & 4D imagery like digital twins, and virtual and augmented reality. This allows the robot design engineer to take their present work, share it, take it home, continue to work on it, collaborate, take it into college, and use in their workplace. If you can take your robot digital twin with you, you will always be able to continue developing your knowledge base, collaborate with the best, and lead your team into the future. Reference Point: (See also: GE Digital Twin & Other Digital Twin Videos on YouTube)