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OAI administers and coordinates the Aeroacoustics Research Consortium (AARC). OAI’s mission is to enhance our partners’ aerospace competitiveness through research and technology development, workforce preparedness, and engagement with global networks for innovation and advocacy. OAI has established unique capability - and more than two decades’ experience - in the formation and effective management of consortia engaging industry, universities, government agencies, and the research community to address the most formidable technical challenges facing the aerospace industry.

Founded in 1989, OAI is a private nonprofit consortium of university, industry, and government focused on the creation, integration, application, communication, and commercialization of aerospace-related knowledge and technologies. OAI has facilitated collaborations among universities, industry, NASA Glenn Research Center, the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and many other participants, building a network of resources that benefits the aerospace industry both economically and intellectually. OAI capabilities in assembling intellectual capital, building collaborative teams, managing intellectual property, and effectively managing programs for national needs are demonstrated through programs such as the AARC, formed in 2001. To date, the AARC has funded over 50 research efforts in engine noise research, and has organized multiple international workshops engaging the engine noise research community.

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