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The Acoustics Branch at the NASA Glenn Research Center conducts research directed at aircraft engine noise reduction. Experimental as well as analytical research is performed in the Branch. The research focuses on the development of noise reduction technologies for turbofan engines while maintaining acceptable aerodynamic performance. Emphasis is given to fan and jet noise reduction for both subsonic and supersonic applications. Fan/nacelle models are tested in wind tunnels to determine their aerodynamic performance and acoustic characteristics. Nozzles are tested in anechoic free-jets for jet noise research. Detailed diagnostic measurements are carried out using optical diagnostics, hot-wires, in-duct acoustic mode measurements, and phased arrays. Computer codes are developed that model the steady and unsteady aerodynamics for various components of a turbofan engine. Engine noise prediction codes are developed and validated using experimental data. Advanced computational aeroacoustics codes are developed that directly compute the sound field. Active noise control methods are explored for fan and jet noise reduction.

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Edmane Envia, Acoustics Branch
NASA Glenn Research Center
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