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Honeywell Aerospace is a leading global supplier of aircraft engines, avionics, and related products and services for aircraft manufacturers, airlines, aircraft operators, military services, and defense and space contractors. Honeywell Aerospace products include auxiliary power units, propulsion engines, and environmental control systems that serve the air transport, regional, business, and general aviation markets. The Acoustics Group at Honeywell Aerospace is responsible for the prediction, development, and validation of low noise design solutions for propulsion engines, auxiliary power units, and environmental control systems for a variety of aircraft applications.

The Honeywell Acoustics Group is tasked with addressing a wide variety of engine noise sources and developing noise mitigation strategies. To support these efforts, the Acoustics Group develops and applies theoretical and computational noise prediction tools for engine components and aircraft; employs standard and advanced noise measurement and source diagnostic techniques; conducts extensive research and development in engine component and system noise reduction; and designs and evaluates duct and nacelle acoustic treatment packages. Honeywell has collaborated with NASA on multiple noise technology programs, including the development of innovative high-speed fan designs and mixer nozzle systems, the improvement of aircraft noise prediction tools, the evaluation of new low noise technologies and source diagnostic techniques, and the exploration of gas turbine core noise. Honeywell maintains a full-scale, FAA-approved static engine acoustic test facility and a dedicated APU acoustic test facility, in addition to multiple rig and bench test facilities. Honeywell is committed to investing in noise prediction, measurement, and reduction technologies to produce the next generation of environmentally compatible gas turbine engines and aircraft systems.

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Installation Aerodynamics & Acoustics
Honeywell Aerospace
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For further information regarding Honeywell, see its website at www.honeywell.com.