Our mission is to enhance our partners’ aerospace competitiveness through research and technology development, workforce preparedness, and engagement with global networks for innovation and advocacy.

We work closely with:
  • Ohio’s two aerospace-related federal research laboratories (Air Force Research Laboratory in Dayton and NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland)
  • Numerous aerospace-related companies with operations in Ohio, e.g., GE Aviation, Parker Hannifin, Goodrich, Lockheed, Timken, and others
  • Ohio universities with Ph.D. and research programs in aerospace-related fields, e.g., Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, Air Force Institute of Technology, The Ohio State University, Ohio University, The University of Akron, University of Cincinnati, University of Dayton, The University of Toledo, and Wright State University

We also work with entities outside Ohio, e.g., Boeing, NSF, DARPA, and others to collaborate with our Ohio partners/organizations.

To learn more about our programs, capabilities, people and upcoming events contact:

Ann Heyward
Executive Vice President

Corporate Information

Information about OAI and the work we do, from the story of our founding to how we are currently structured to deliver a broad range of research and technology, education and training, and networking and information exchange services to the many clients we serve today.

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Our People

OAI's associates are problem solvers. They are project-driven and results-oriented. As catalysts for effective team-building among and between diverse constituents, OAI personnel come from equally diverse backgrounds. Our associates not only possess excellent communication and technical skills, but also operate ethically and responsibly to solve problems and innovate. OAI personnel are highly motivated, creative, and cost-conscious. OAI employs many people who hold advanced degrees and who have a strong record of success.

Contact Us

To contact a particular individual at OAI or obtain information about OAI contacts, please call 440.962.3000 or send an email to info@oai.org.